Lauren Raio

Lauren Raio, MA, is a partner and senior consultant at I.T.L Systems LLC, and Vice President at Trinity Transition Consultants.

As a trained mediator and facilitator, Lauren Raio has experience in organizational analysis and development; as well as, designing and implementing training and development programs to address the needs of leaders and organizations. She has continued her education with training in Dialogue Education strategies, Enneagram Personality Profiles, MRG’s LEA 360, as well as ongoing mediation and facilitation training. Lauren is dedicated to creating environments conducive to creative thinking, effective communication, team building, and the development of healthy organizations.

Lauren’s unique skillset of training, conflict transformation and restorative justice are invaluable to helping individuals and organizations address highly charged and complex issues in the workplace.  Conflict is inevitable; however, when organizations and leaders take the time to train their employees and create supportive systems, it can become an opportunity for growth, rather than an obstacle to production.  Lauren can help organizations heal and develop new ways of operating that consider the needs of the people and the needs of the organization.

Lauren lives in Northern Maryland with her husband.  In addition to her consulting work, she continues to help with her family’s Belted Galloway farm.  Growing up on a farm taught Lauren important lessons in leadership, relationships, stewardship, and the systems that support a healthy family and a healthy business.

For more information on coaching consulting services, please contact her at lraio@itl-systems.com.



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